The first time Jodie Comer met Phoebe Waller-B…

The first time Jodie Comer met Phoebe Waller-Bridge wasn’t when she auditioned for a role on her BBC America show Killing Eve, but rather months before, at a party for the BAFTAs. It was hours into the night—the glamour was coming undone, the booze was flowing, and Comer and Waller-Bridge were both drunk and making frothy party chatter.

“I didn’t know nottin’ about Killing Eve,” Comer recalls in her thick Liverpudlian accent. “Then my audition came along and I was like”—her voice drops into a dramatic whisper—“Oh my God, I was so drunk that night. This is really awkward.”

She got the part about a week after her second audition and immediately set about building the character with Waller-Bridge, who cheerfully remembered her from that drunken BAFTAs night. The two sat down at a restaurant and worked on Villanelle’s timeline: where was she born? Who is her family? Why does she live by herself in Paris? Why does she kill?