Killing Eve: Behind the Scenes of 2018’s Most …

Killing Eve: Behind the Scenes of 2018’s Most Breathtaking TV Face-Off:


The entire scene is meant to underline a bit more overtly the sexual
attraction and discovery that Waller-Bridge built in from the very
beginning. “I love that it hits people at different moments,” she said,
of the idea that some viewers might not have grasped the queer aspect of
the show until Villanelle leaned into Eve’s neck. “I knew that the
first moment they see each other. I labeled that moment as ‘love at
first sight.‘ But I didn’t want it to be constrained to romance, or to
lust, or anything like that. There’s something waking in Eve every day
that she spends imagining what this woman is doing.” Waller-Bridge’s
desire to make the connection between Eve and Villanelle read as both
sexual and something else—and never too obvious or on the
nose—resulted in a slightly tamer version of that stripping-down scene
making it into the final edit.

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