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In response to the widespread devastation caused by the fires in Australia, @bbcamerica’s upcoming nature documentary #SevenWorldsOnePlanet will premiere with “Australia" and inform viewers on how they can support relief efforts.

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🎶Oh there’s no place like Earth for the holidays! 🎶

Seven Worlds, One Planet premieres Saturday, January 18 at 9pm on @bbcamerica.

Saturday Night Lemur.

Madagascar premieres tomorrow night, Saturday, December 7 at 9pm during Wonderstruck on @bbcamerica

Can’t get enough of these gentle giants? 

Attenborough and the Giant Elephant premieres Saturday, August 24 at 9pm. 

Who is strong enough to lead? 

From the executive producer of Planet Earth 2, the Dynasties Series Premiere is Saturday, January 19 at 9pm on @BBCAMERICA.