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NEXT WEEK: North America’s finest take on Darts’ Elite in the U.S. Darts Masters in Vegas. Livestream the entire tournament July 5-7 on and the Darts on BBC America Facebook page. 


Ready…set…THROW! 🎯

Darts comes speeding onto @bbcamerica this Thursday, February 1st at 10/9c.

The 10 best players. The biggest stadiums. The ultimate prize. 

Premier League Darts starts Thursday, February 1 at 10/9c on BBC America.

You can’t get 2018 without… 180! 

Watch the World Darts Championship final on New Year’s Day. Coverage begins at 2p.m. ET, only on BBC America.

Throwing a dart is all about where you stick it. 

Watch the pros play in the World Darts Championship finale, LIVE on New’s Year Day at 3p.m. ET on BBC America.

Did you know Darts is just as big on our side of the pond? Meet the players of the New York Dart League. 🗽🎯 

New to Darts? Did you know the bullseye is NOT the highest score you can throw? You’re going to want that ONNNEEEE HUNNDDREEED EIIIIIIIGHTYYYY! 🎯 

Watch the pros play at the World Darts Championship, Saturdays at 9a.m. ET on BBC America and live daily on

You’ve heard the announcer yell “ONNEEEE HUNDDREEED EIIIIIGGGHHHHTYYYY!” but how do you get there? Find out how to score, and watch the pros in the World Darts Championship, Saturdays at 9a.m. ET on BBC America and LIVE every day on 

New to Darts? Here’s how you win. 🎯 

Watch the pros play in The World Darts Championship, LIVE every day on 

Everything you think you know about Darts is about to change. The World Darts Championship and Premier League are coming to BBC America, and it all starts December 14. Get the details by clicking here.