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How brands are using emotion-detection technology – Econsultancy:

Market research within the film industry is usually qualitative, with data being manually collated from surveys, reviews, and post-screening responses.

Disney, however, has been using technology to determine how audiences enjoy its movies, specifically creating an AI-powered algorithm that can recognise complex facial expressions and even predict upcoming emotions.

The software – which involves a method called ‘factorised variational auto encoders’ (FVAE) – captured people’s faces using infrared cameras during movie screenings including ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

After just a few minutes of tracking facial behaviour, the algorithm was advanced enough to be able to predict when they would smile or laugh (in relation to specific moments in the movies).

Welp, well’s that’s not creepy in the slightest… :/

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