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Lunchtime lecture from the incredible Nadia Thalmann, re-creating humans is so complicated. We are complex wee primates.

The Digital Human, Series 13, Episode 3 – Visage

Phillip K. Dick Android:

There’s a Phillip K. Dick android… because of course there is… And it will dream of electric sheep as soon as someone can programme dreams.

The Digital Human, Series 13, Episode 3 – Visage

Human-like robots may have a disturbing impact on actual humans:

Stuart Russell, vice chair of the World Economic Forum Council on robotics and artificial intelligence, called for a “ban of highly human-like humanoid robots” during the Milken Institute’s panel titled “Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?”

“We’re just not equipped in our basic brain apparatus to see something that’s perfectly humanoid and not treat it as a human being,” he said. “So in some sense, a humanoid robot is lying to us using the lower levels of our brain we don’t get to control.”

“Particularly for young children, growing up in a household where there are humanoid robots and humans it could be extremely confusing,” he said. “And we could see psychoses developing as a result of machines not behaving as the child expects them to behave because they think its a human.”

A study done by various Japanese researchers actually found that children are likely to show “serious abusive behaviors” towards robots. The researchers concluded that the more human-like the robots looked (or more they approached the uncanny valley) the more likely it was for kids to start beating them up.

Little kids might just be evil though… it’s a distinct possibility…

The Digital Human, Series 13, Episode 3 – Visage