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An evening with the author of Mirror Touch: Notes from a Doctor Who Can Feel Your Pain

Digital Human: Series 17, Episode 1 – Numb

Consider this a lunctime lecture… so long as you aren’t squeamish. Caroline Rance was a great guest to have – I’d love to do a podcast with her all about the fascinating stories and products she’s unearthed in her research. Listen to her talk, and dive into her blog if you like a bit of weird medical history (and really, who doesn’t?). 

Digital Human: Series 16, Episode 2, Snake Oil

Find out what Dr. Sandra Wachter, Lawyer & Researcher in Data Ethics at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford, Research Fellow at The Turing Institute has to say about the Data Privacy, Data Ethics & GDPR.

Lunchtime lecture from the incredible Nadia Thalmann, re-creating humans is so complicated. We are complex wee primates.

The Digital Human, Series 13, Episode 3 – Visage