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How Twitter and a Drone Saved a Man and His Dog from Hurricane Matthew:

Concerned that several dams were on the verge of bursting, Craig started scrolling through the hashtag #HopeMills, looking for anyone with information on the current water level affecting the area. He came across Hart’s aerial photo of several totally flooded houses, and sent it to his brother, joking that at least it wasn’t this bad.

“Apparently it was his house,” Craig told me. “I honestly thought he was fucking with me. I mean, what are the chances.”

Craig then tweeted at Hart, asking for help.

“Holy shit that’s my brothers house..the one with one shutter. Any chance you can boat him out of there? He’s trapped upstairs..,” he wrote.

Digital Human, Series 12, Episode 4 – Protection

Dennis Corbet and Colin Gomez’s Avalance Rescue

Basically the worst nightmare of your claustraphobic research monkey :/ Eeep.

Digital Human, Series 12, Episode 4 – Protection