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FACELESS short documentary was produced on request of Jos de Putter for De Correspondent.

As follow up of the exhibition that Bogmor Doringer curated in collaboration with Brigitte Felderer and staged on the topic of hidden faces in contemporary society after 9-11.

Digital Human, Series 18, Episode 6: Faceless

Consider this a lunctime lecture… so long as you aren’t squeamish. Caroline Rance was a great guest to have – I’d love to do a podcast with her all about the fascinating stories and products she’s unearthed in her research. Listen to her talk, and dive into her blog if you like a bit of weird medical history (and really, who doesn’t?). 

Digital Human: Series 16, Episode 2, Snake Oil

Digital Human: Series 16, Episode 2, Snake Oil

Consider this a lunchtime lecture, it’s really fascinating to go back into the archives and hear they keynote panels. A lot of the Roflcon panels were archived, so well worth checking out.

Mainstreaming The Web – ROFLCon II
The very final keynote panel of ROFLCon II, featuring:
* moot, 4chan
* Ben Huh, I Can Has Cheezburger
* Kenyatta Cheese, Know Your Meme
* Jamie Wilkinson,
* Greg Rutter, You Should Have Seen This
As web culture increasingly flows into the mainstream, it becomes enmeshed in a crowded world of businesses and commentators. In turn, it becomes more easily digestible and accessible to broad audiences. What are the ethics of being a part of that space? As this process continues, what is gained? What is left behind?

Digital Human: Series 16, Episode 1: Gentrification

Digital Human: Series 16, Episode 1: Gentrification

Angry Aussie was a fun guy to interview on the show talking about how algorithms and money changed youtube. Check out the show 
Digital Human: Series 16, Episode 1: Gentrification to hear him 🙂

Meanwhile this – for who, indeed, can resist the glory of Knickers the big cow?

There is NSFW language, so you know, headphones could be handy.

Lunchtime lecture from the incredible Nadia Thalmann, re-creating humans is so complicated. We are complex wee primates.

The Digital Human, Series 13, Episode 3 – Visage

Lunchtime lecture for you guys, with Aaron Balick on the Psychodynamics of Social Media –  just watch out for the opening music if you’re wearing headphones. Learn from my pain… meep.

Digital Human, Series 12, Episode 6 – Shame

Digital Human, Series 12, Episode 6 – Shame

Buffet: All You Can Eat Las Vegas

Digital Human, Series 12, Episode 5 – Insatiable